Principals of Change Episode 1: Todd Irving (Videocast)

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  1. Karen

    I enjoyed this type of interview format. Very innovative and made me sit and watch. I enjoyed getting to know Todd Irving and the process that he instituted to turn around his school. We need more Administrators like him in our District. Great job!

  2. Miriam Gonzalez-Perez

    Daniel and Wes,
    I’d like to share with you that you are going in the right direction. The platform to promte conversations is different and only demonstrates you are thinking outside the box. Leading by example….thank you! Viewing this video as a public school administrator has triggered deeper self reflections about the type of impacts my service is providing my school and community. Questions such as; what are the communitie’s perceptions of my school? How do students and teachers see themselves within the school setting, what is their role? Are students just going to school because they are being sent to school? Or because they have discovered a safe haven where knowledge is shared? Do teachers consider themselves agents of change? Or are they simply fulfilling a job description? What can I do as a school leader to inspire change and a growth mindset? These are questions that have popped in my mind after viewing your first episode. Looking forward to many more.

  3. Gabriel Moreno

    Very cool concept, I enjoyed hearing Todd’s approach to turning Spurgeon around. The part that I liked the most was Todd giving his staff a voice and though their vote was not what he wanted he respected their position. Collaborative leadership really empowers and creates a sense of ownership. These are the types of interviews that help other administrators and educators think outside of the box. I also enjoyed seeing the streets of Santa Ana in the background.

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